Why You Should Always Teach What You Learn?

“No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.” ― Peter Drucker

It is a peculiar irony in life that the fastest and best way to learn something is to give it to others as soon as you learn it — not to hog it yourself.

Knowledge wants to be free. To rest in other people’s minds. To connect to other knowledge.

Therefore, teaching is knowledge’s oxygen.

In a Harvard study, “employees who spent the last 15 minutes of each day of their training period writing and reflecting on or sharing it what they had learned did 23% better in the final training test than other employees.”

Now, imagine what would happen if you spent 15 minutes per day every day reflecting on the lessons you’ve learned and sharing it with others?

Not only do you learn faster when you teach others, you:

1. Help others succeed.
2. Build deeper relationships with others.
3. Build a reputation as someone who is smart and who is a giver.
4. Become a better teacher & sometimes get paid (if you’re a teacher, coach, consultant, or writer).

To put this into action, I am planning to start a FREE batch of MS Excel (Basics), with online lectures over the weekend.

Those who are interested can ping me. Let’s all Learn & Grow together!

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